The Huei Hong Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, is a modernized high technology company with outstanding persons. Main products are IC module design, RFID technology research and production, TM (Touch Memory) card technology research and production.


The product RFIDs are used massively in entrance guard, raising livestock, the domesticated fowl, the pet, the medical service, the distribution, the transportation, the forgery-proof, the toy, food safety, education, the scenic site admission ticket, the runway tag, the underground duct marker, the power tool, the process control, control locks, the water meter, the electric instrument management, etc. The TM card is used massively in the sauna lock, the cabinet locks, the world pole anti-theft locks, the handle locks, the electrical cabinet locks and so on



Provide our customers a total solution in RFID, reduce their cost, and raise their competitiveness.Take the leadership in technology, quality, cost, service, and market share in the field of RFID.

We have the tremendous strength, the remarkable prestige and the highly effective service. Developing, innovation and achievement co-prosperity sharing are our basic principles. To provide the customer the best product service, devote with the customer in-depth cooperation, achieve the win-win goal with customers.

Production History

  • HT4188 125KHz RFID chip March 2020
  • HT4192 Touch Memory card chip August 2019
  • HT4178 125KHz RFID chip July 2018
  • HT4180 NFC chip May 2018
  • HT4179 125KHz RFID chip April 2018
  • HT4177 NFC chip November 2017
  • HT4176 125KHz RFID chip October 2017
  • HT4175 NFC chip April 2017
  • HT4173 NFC chip May 2016
  • HT4171 NFC chip  July 2015
  • HT4170 NFC chip September 2014
  • HT4165 Touch Memory card chip April 2014
  • HT4169 13.56MHz RFID chip March 2013
  • HT4168 125KHz RFID chip April 2012
  • HT4166 134.2KHz RFID chip May 2011
  • HT4190 Touch Memory card chip April 2010
  • HT4167 125KHz RFID chip June 2009


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